Straight Talk Australia Toowoomba
Straight Talk Australia Toowoomba

About Straight Talk Australia

Jim & Faye Lyons After working with Youth For Christ in Dalby, Toowoomba and Brisbane for nearly 25 years, in 1998 Jim, together with his wife Faye, established Straight Talk Australia. Through Straight Talk Jim and Faye are pursuing their shared desire to see our young people escape the terrible consequences of a valueless and direction-less society.

Jim says: Like most parents of today, our own parents never spoke much to us about our sexuality, And so as parents we struggled to talk to our own teens about their sexuality and the values we would like to see in their lives.

In 1997 Faye & I had the opportunity to travel to a youth conference in Los Angels and heard Pam Stenzel speak on the subject, “Sex Has A Price Tag.” We learnt so much from that session and said that we need to take this message to the Youth of Australia and also to the parents.

We brought Pam Stenzel to Australia and produced an Australian DVD with Pam called “The Price Tag of Sex.” (a great teaching tool for parents to use to talk to their teens about God's beautiful and special gift of sexuality).

Jim & Faye have been going into schools across the East Coast of Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Norfolk Island, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, presenting “The Price Tag of Sex.”

Over 130,000 High School students have now seen this 90 minute presentation in their schools. Pam's powerful presentation of the truth about sex has impacted thousands of young people and their parents alike.

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